A passion for organic farming seamlessly blends with a career in marketing to be the reason for “People OrganicTree products Private Limited”.

A company with a simple objective of making easily available to Consumers healthy Organic food free from harmful chemicals while along the way recognising and making sure the hard work of organic farmers is well rewarded.

The people behind “People OrganicTree products Private Limited”., are Mr S Dileep Gowda, MBA Graduate who has 9yrs experience in the Organic industry and his partner Dr R Jayashree, MDS a dentist and a passionate hobbyist of organic farming. Concerned about the health issues faced by people, and the mindless destruction of the environment, the company is set up to be a trusted brand that offers hope, good health and healthy lifestyles for all.

As Organic Food Manufacturers and Suppliers, the range of certified Organic products offered are Organic Cereals, Organic Pulses, Organic Millets, Organic Flour, Organic Spices, Organic Sweeteners, Organic DryFruits, Organic Oils, Organic Herbs, Organic Coffee's & Tea's, Organic Seeds, Organic Snacks, Organic Essential Oils, Organic Cosmetics etc., The products are sourced across INDIA & also from different Countries. People OrganicTree Products Pvt Ltd extends its support to farmers who pursuing organic farming & also we are helping our farmers to convert there farming land into Organic farming land. Working towards good health and environment sustainability, the Company creates awareness about organic farming and WOMEN in special are encouraged to become an Organic Entrepreneurs. The Company looks forward to networking with many farmers and to be a window of endless opportunities.

  •   Vision
  • To be an environmentally conscious company that promote healthy eating and living through honest practices of organic farming and giving back to nature all the goodness received from it.

  •   Mission
  • To promote environment friendly living as a way of life and globally be the most preferred destination for nature’s abundance.